Welcome to Our Resource Page!

Our goal for this page is to help you become a well-informed talent or parent on what it means to be in this industry. We believe the more you know what to expect, the better you will do and the more you will enjoy the experience.

We are an exclusive agency. If you are with The Bell Agency, we will represent you across the board in all departments… print, commercials, and TV and film in this region. Out of respect for us and other agencies, please do not multi-list. We will not fight over talent!

The Bell Agency does not make money until our talent makes money. We take the industry-standard 20% agency fee.

What We Are Looking for in Our Talent

All talent over the age of 4, is required to come in for a brief on-camera audition.

For our kid models and talent, we need kids who have a great look and a fun personality! We are looking for the “WOW” factor from the moment they walk in the door. Kids must leave their parent(s) easily, take direction well, make eye contact, and be engaging. You must have professional photos, as sometimes, photos are the only marketing tool we have to get your child booked.

For Adults, you must have professional photos and a resume with relevant industry work. We expect adult talent to be willing to invest in themselves and continue their growth and education in the business by enrolling in professional training.

We have a list of acting studios that we highly recommend. Trust us… Learning on the job is not the way to get a callback and ultimately the job. No fake it till you make it!

Accounting Questions

If you ever have any questions about The Bell Agency accounting policies, please do not hesitate to contact the Accounting department, sabrina@thebellagency.biz at any time. Please know we can not send you a check without you filling out a W-9. Most clients pay within 30-60 days after the shoot. Each clients pay cycle is different.

MINORS with The Bell Agency Talent. If you are a minor working in the state of GA, you will need a work permit. It is easy to get a permit. Please keep your minor number in a safe easy accessible place. Here is a link on how to register: https://www.dol.state.ga.us/public/es/mie/minor/registration.


Acting Studios

Acting classes will teach you to become more confident, how to communicate more effectively, and to show creative expression. Acting classes will teach you what to do and not do on an audition. It is a safe place to make mistakes. Learning on an audition is the quickest way to shorten your acting career. Below are acting studios that we trust with The Bell Agency talent to help them become the best that they can be.

Acting Studios We Recommend

Atlanta Acting Arts
Location: East Cobb.
Atlanta Acting Arts is a place for actors to test their limits and dare to make mistakes. As teachers, we believe that we are facilitators. We are not looking for followers but actors who are motivated and encouraged by learning. We strive to inspire and guide students from the fundamentals of acting arts to individual coaching where professionals refine their skill set.

Catapult Acting Studios
Location: Near North Druid Hills and Briarcliff Road.
Our mission is to connect talent with the right people and the right path. Founded on integrity and authenticity, we always put people before profit and continually strive for excellence. Our goal is to help clients develop their craft, understand the industry, and position themselves for success. Ready… Set… Launch!

The Charlie Group
Location: The South Side of town.
The Charlie Group Atlanta is a full-service training and photography studio on the Southside of Atlanta, specializing in on-camera training and preparation for film and television. We provide personalized one-on-one training, along with daily, weekly, and monthly workshops and classes for beginner, intermediate, and established actors. Our focus is scouting and developing talent for children and teens, Ages 4-16. We do our job so you can do yours. To learn more about The Charlie Group Please go to facebook.com/thecharliegroup.

Chez Studios Acting Workshops
Chez Studio is a multi-faceted company offering full service casting to the television and film industry, a variety of training and workshop programs for new and experienced talent, and a production house whose goal is to foster and produce professional content created in the Southeast.

The Actor’s Scene
Location: Buford GA.
Our Mission is to provide a fun and safe environment for actors in the Atlanta area to grow their talents and enhance acting skills in the following areas: Auditioning techniques, On-Camera acting for film/TV, imagination, focus, motivation, characterization, believability, personality, Cold read, and Improv.

Drama Inc
Location: GRANT PARK just South of Zoo Atlanta.
It is an acting studio that guides novice actors as they explore Atlanta’s rapidly-growing TV and film industry, and to offer an environment for advanced and veteran actors to sharpen their skills.

The Creative
Location: Midtown.
An acting and production studio focused on the entire creator…spirit, mind, body, craft, and story. We unite and unleash creatives to function in their God-given creative power to believe, take massive action, and create more work which gives the platform to bring the change they are destined to bring into the world.


Workshops We Recommend

Brittnai Person
Kid & Teen Modeling Workshops, Parent Informational Workshops, & Baby Photography Workshops.

Melody Haney
Kid & Teen Mock Audition Workshops and Kid & Teen Rock My Audition Workshops.

Photographer Info

Photographers we recommend are listed below.

Headshot and Lifestyle Photographers

Acres Studios

Eric Langley

Sarah Vitel

Skye Lin

Jamila Lisbon Photography

Leah Roth Photography

Headshot Photographers Only

Ray Bengston

Leah Eversley Photography

Daniel Parvis Headshots

Aiva Genys

Where to Print Headshot and Comp Card

Prima Atlanta
Email info@primaatlanta.com or call 404.355.7200.
Always take a headshot with you to an audition!

Our Voucher

Here is the voucher you need to make sure gets signed after every job. Make sure you leave it with the client but take a photo of it for your records and email us a copy of it. This is what we use to invoice the client.


Audition Info

Here is a link to a video about what to expect at an audition: https://youtu.be/nzhnIFiZiZE

  1. Always take a headshot.
  2. Make sure you sign in under The Bell Agency. If you have any problems please ask for help. Never sign in under a different agency.
  3. Please make sure you are good for the shoot dates. If you go to the callback and then are chosen for the job I don't want you to come back and tell me you are now not available for the shoot. THIS MAKES US ALL LOOK BAD!
  4. Make sure you wear a color top that looks good on you and that will help them to remember you but do not wear something with a busy pattern or strips. No white or black. If you get a call back it's great if you wear the same thing you wore to the first audition.


How We Submit You for Jobs


We submit people every day on jobs. Often you do not know when you are being submitted. Client asks for a package and we send them headshot of everyone that fits what they are looking for. Then they give me a list of who they want to bring in to audition. We also submit you for jobs on different casting page. Once you are apart of the agency we will give you a list of casting pages that we need you to make a profile on. This will allow us to submit you for these jobs.

Checking Availability

If we email, call, or text you checking your availability that means the client is looking to see if you are available for their shoot dates. This is not a booking. They just like your look and want to make sure you are available before they make any decisions. You do not need to hold any dates if we check your availability.


This means that the client wants you to hold that date. A hold is not a booking. They only want you to hold the date until they make the final decisions on who they will book. With commercials, this is called first refusal. If you are put on hold or given a first refusal then congratulations, to me as an agent, this is as good as getting the job. I know it might not pay our bills, but it means that you did a great job at the audition and I did a great job at submitting talent that was what the client needed. They now just have to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and see if you are the right fit. We will let you know ASAP if you are booked or released.

A Booking

You are booked for the shoot!