How to Get Started with The Bell Agency

For Film/TV/Theatre for Kids and Adults

Please email us and include a headshot, resume, and either a demo reel, taped monologue, or taped audition.

For Kid Models 3-18

You must have professional photos from a photographer that photographs kid/teen models. These photos are the most important tool that we have to submit your child to our clients. We have a list of recommended photographers on our Parent page and on our Resource page. Please know if you are under the age of 13, we do not want any makeup on your child, no jewelry, and very little Photoshop. Boys, no earrings at any age. We need kids to look like kids!

For Kids Under 2 Years Old

If you are under 2, you do not need professional photos, but you must have good photos of your child. These photos are the only tool we have to get your child work. Please do not just submit any photo that you have on your phone. Please take photos with a clean background and good light. You child must be looking at the camera and smiling, if possible.

Guidelines for The Photos for Kids 2 and Under

  • Snapshots are fine. Really try to capture their NATURAL smile
  • Needs to be cropped so I see the child clearly
  • Only the child should be in the photo
  • Not eating
  • No massive bows
  • No hats or sunglasses
  • No pacifiers
  • Good natural light is important
  • Smiling if possible
  • No Instagram filters

View a sample of the type of photos that we think are great here.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the next steps?

Once our agents receive your headshot and resume, they will then decide if we have a need for talent in your category. We will email you back if we feel that you would be a great fit for our clients.

Do you provide training or headshots?

The Bell Agency does not provide training or headshots. Visit our resources page to see who we recommend. Also, visit our Facebook page for updates on upcoming classes and specials on photography.

What kind of services do you provide?

Our agency covers a range of services including film, television, commercial, industrial, voice over, print, and live events.

What are the costs of being represented?

We require that you obtain professional headshots and register on the websites we use for casting, two of which have a small monthly fee.

The Bell Agency does not make money until our talent makes money. We take the industry-standard 20% agency fee.

Can I be represented by other agencies?

No. We are an exclusive agency. We will represent you across the board in all departments in this region.



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